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Online Linear Regression
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This page allows performing linear regressions (linear least squares fittings). For the relation between two variables, it finds the linear function that best fits a given set of data points.

Copy & Paste: You can copy and paste data directly from a spreadsheet or a tabulated data file in the box below. Any character that cannot be part of a number -space, comma, tabulation...- is considered a column separator. By default commas are considered column separators; in the case you are using them as decimal separators check the option below. The exponent can be indicated by preceding it by the character E or e, as you can see in the example. Data must consist of two columns, x and y, to get the linear regression y=ax+b. 

Allow comma as decimal separator

Insert manually & See details: If you prefer you can insert all the points manually, for which you first have to specify the number of data points. You also can see details of the calculation -as the calculated value of y and the error at each point- in this area.

Enter the number of data points: